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Manufacture of CNC lathed and milled parts, laser marking
We manufacture lathed bar components and chuck components or milled parts from all common materials (steels, stainless steels, aluminium, brass, copper, synthetic material …)

CNC turning

CNC turning (Index, Traub, Miyano, Emco, Citizen, Schaublin, Manurhin K’MX) up to a diameter of 65 mm from bars (loading magazines and short-bar loaders) up to a diameter 320 mm in the chuck

  • Equipment: Bar loading magazines, C axis, Y axis, Power tools, counterspindle, tailstock, chip conveyors, high-pressure systems
  • CNC longitudinal turning parts up to 32 mm, machines with high pressure
    (up to 130 bars), turret, B axis …

CNC milling

CNC milling (Emco, Haas)

  • Maximum distances to be traversed 650 x 550 x 500 mm
  • Main spindle drives up to 34.5 kW
  • Spindle speeds up to 15,000 rpm-1
  • Rapid traverse up to 30 m/min
  • Tool magazine w/ up to 30 slots
  • Fife-sided machining
  • Control: Heidenhain, Fanuc

CNC band saws

CNC automated band saws

  • up to a diameter of 320 mm
  • Cutting pressure monitoring
  • Cooling lubricant and minimum quantity lubrication, program memory, chip conveyors …



  • Milling, drilling, finishing, machining of visual surfaces and sealing surfaces, thread cutting and rolling
  • Centreless external cylindrical grinding, vibratory grinding, surface grinding, honing
  • Component assembly, gluing with Loctite
  • Surface coating and heat treatment in cooperation with certified partners


Laser marking

Laser marking & contract labelling (Foba, Trotec)

  • Special-purpose engraving and labelling up to 1000 mm long
  • Motorized Z axis 350 mm
  • Rotation axis
  • Customer data: from CAD systems, image and graphic formats …

Download Flyer Laserbeschriftung

Measuring equipment & quality

Measuring equipment and process planning

  • "Zeiss" ScanMax measuring machine
  • Heliopan shaft measuring system
  • Mitutoyo profile projector
  • Universal tool measuring microscope, internal measuring instruments, roughness measuring instruments
  • Limit plug gauges, thread plug gauges
  • Electronic tool and gauge shop distribution system, measuring equipment monitoring



Company history

  • 1919


    Foundation of Alfred Bauer company by Mr Alfred Bauer as a steel and metal turning shop located in Schillerstraße
  • 1953


    Egon Bauer joins in as a limited liability partner
  • 1972


    Forced nationalization of the successful company with its 14 employees
  • 1990


    Application for the denationalization and return of the company during the political shift in former East Germany
    Foundation of Alfred Bauer Nachf. GmbH located at Schillerstraße 23 on 01 June 1990
    Shareholder: Egon Bauer, General managers: Florian Bauer and Thomas Bauer
    Headcount: 3
  • 1992


    Foundation of the new Alfred Bauer Präzisionsdreherei GmbH, assuming the entire business activity of Alfred Bauer Nachf. GmbH on 01 July 1992
    Managing partner: Florian Bauer
    Headcount: 7
  • 1996


    Relocation to a company building in Ackerstraße 11 in the Ackerstraße industrial estate

    Headcount: 15
  • 2002


    Remodelling and extension of the employee and office area
    Celebration of the 10th anniversary of Alfred Bauer Präzisionsdreherei GmbH
    Expansion of access street and maintenance area with car parks, public infrastructure completion in the Ackerstraße industrial estate
    Headcount: 25
  • 2008


    Headcount: 33
  • 2010


    Relocation to a larger and remodelled property located at Am Köhlersgehäu 21 in the Eastern industrial estate providing 3500 m² of production floor space
    Headcount: 28
  • 2012


    20th company anniversary
    Headcount: 23
  • 2017


    25th company anniversary
    Headcount: 25

Alfred Bauer
Präzisionsdreherei GmbH

Am Köhlersgehäu 21
98544 Zella-Mehlis

Tel.: +49 (0) 3682 477906-0
Fax: +49 (0) 3682 477906-67

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